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    Sell container ship ,construct vessel design the ship drawing

  Post Date: 2-18-2009
  Expiry Date: 3-20-2009
  Description: Our company sell all of kinds vessels,inculding Barge, Bulk, Car Carrier, Cement Carrier, Chemical Tanker, Container, Dredger, Ferry, Fishing, Floating Crane, Gerneral Cargo, Ice Breaker, Landing Craft, Tanker,Supply vessel, Timber,Tug,Yacht,Special,Scrap vessel.Cruiser Pessenger VesselMultipurose, Ro-Ro,Passenger, Reefer. 
we specialized in constructing new vessel,reselling secondhand vessel, trading with correlative fittings 
If you have need in these area,please contact us ,we are pleasure to help. 


  Company: Ningbo Gold-line Ship & Trading Co.,Ltd  [ China ]  
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3300HP tugboat 6400HP tugboat 27000T BULK 3000t self-propelled&unloading ship
Sell container ship ,construct vessel design the ship drawing
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